Maynooth University

Nice campus you’ve got here…

Maynooth University (formerly known as NUI, Maynooth) is set in Kildare in Ireland’s East Midlands.  Close to Dublin but clearly a more removed college, the college adjoins and encompasses an old ecclesiastical college and seminary.  Today, the University is a friendly, compact campus with a fierce determination to save more and waste less.

Energy Saving

The newer side of Maynooth is a fairly modern campus and should do well in energy saving.  Students and the University are keen to save energy and save the planet.  They’ll benefit from a host of advice and information from Student SwitchOff on keeping those bills and CO2 emissions down.

Competitions on Campus

Throughout the year we’ll run competitions around the theme of energy saving and sustainability. Students at Maynooth stand to win great prizes, from gig tickets, free lunches, study swag and ice cream (which is a much more fun way to cool down than aircon).  All students will have to do is cut their energy wastage and show others (through quizzes and photo competitions) how to do the same.

Which Halls are taking part?

Cruciform, Hargadon, Leavey, Mullin, Riordan and Rye are all taking part in Maynooth.

Find out more!

Whether or not you’re in one of the halls above, if you care about doing your bit to reduce waste, sign up for more information at