Student Switch Off +

We’re saving energy in res and in halls – now let’s do it in flats and houses and apartments and digs!

Student Switch Off + is the campaign to have students reduce their energy usage in rented or private accommodation – or just at home.  The campaign draws on the same tips and techniques as the campaign in halls of residence in 2017-2018, but this time we need students to encourage other students to cut down on energy use.

What can a student do in private accommodation?

In private accommodation you’ll probably have much more control over your energy use – you may have more control over the temperature from radiators, you’ll probably have fewer people crowding the kitchen and you’ll be able to make decisions to save energy for yourself.

How can I tell what energy I’m using?

You probably get an electricity bill and maybe a gas bill.  The best thing is always to try to reduce energy through the great tips we have throughout the site (especially but a quick look at your bill can tell you how many kilowatts you’re using and give you an idea of the type of target you can set yourself to cut waste.

How do I read my bill?

We’ve put together some great tips for reading your bill, finding out what a bill actually entails and how to interpret it.