University College, Cork

About UCC

UCC is the largest university in the province of Munster with the motto “Where Finbarr Taught, Let Munster Learn.” this part of Cork has been a seat of learning for centuries.  UCC students have historically been very active in environmental campaigns and we’re sure students in Cork will put it up to students across Ireland and Europe.

Energy Saving

Despite the fact UCC is the only Irish university with its own nuclear reactor (well, a subcritical assembly),  it’s not even good for making toast. UCC students want to save energy and save the planet.  They’ll benefit from a host of advice and information on keeping those bills and CO2 emissions down.

Competitions on Campus

Throughout the year we’ll run competitions around the theme of energy saving and sustainability. Students at UCC stand to win great prizes, from gig tickets, free lunches, study swag and ice cream.  All students will have to do is cut their energy wastage and show others (through quizzes and photo competitions) how to do the same.

Which halls are taking part?

Castlewhite, Victoria Lodge, Victoria Mills and University Hall are all currently part of the programme

Find out More

Whether or not you’re in one of the halls above, if you care about doing your bit to reduce waste, sign up for more information at